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The Fujifilm DryPix 2000 is a high-speed, high resolution dry imager that features all the superior characteristics of dry imagers, and more. It not only supports multiple film sizes, but can also accommodate up to two magazines. What's more, the Fujifilm DryPix 2000 is extremely compact in design, with unprecedented quiet operations. By using the new and revolutionary DI-HT film, superior diagnostic imaging is promised along with extremely long life. This high performance system becomes the optimal choice in both small clinical settings, as well as part of a dispersed system in large hospitals.


Key benefits of the Fujifilm DryPix 2000 include:

  • Extremely compact and space saving design
  • High speed, high resolution table top laser imager
  • Near silent operation with limited heat output
  • New DI-HT film for better transparency
  • Up to 2 film drawers
Fujifilm DryPix 2000
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The latest addition to the Fujifilm DryPix family, new Fujifilm DryPix 4000 is the ideal dry imager for medium sized clinics and imaging centers. The addition of the optional 4-bin film sorter expands its capability for larger facilities and hospitals. The Fujifilm DryPix 4000 combines proven reliability and convenience with remarkable operating efficiency, all in a compact body. Features including unrivalled image quality, networkability, backup security, and low cost of ownership make the Fujifilm DryPix 4000 a welcome addition to any hospital department.


Key benefits of the Fujifilm DryPix 4000 include:

  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities
  • High resolution & high maximum density
  • High throughput of up to 160 films per hour
  • Optional 4-bin film sorter
  • Up to 2 film drawers
Fujifilm DryPix 4000
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Robust design parameters learned from Fujifilm's extensive experience in dry imaging ensure the Fujifilm DryPix 5000 continues the exceptional reliability record of Fujifilm DryPix Imagers. This, combined with the automatic fail-over capability provided by the optional DryPix Station ensures printing continuity. Able to meet the needs of the busiest Radiology department, Fujifilm DryPix 5000's laser exposure, thermal development system can handle up to 240 films per hour with initial film output in just 65 seconds, and with absolutely no compromise in image quality.


Key benefits of the Fujifilm DryPix 5000 include:

  • Backup security and easy operation
  • Centralized printing
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Up to 3 film drawers
Fujifilm DryPix 5000
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