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UMG / DEL MEDICAL is dedicated to providing Overhead Tube Supports to Hospital, Orthopedic, and Medical practices.

Del Medical OTC12



A sturdy and reliable overhead tube support that allows the most flexible configuration choices in radiographic systems. Combine with a table and wall bucky for an imaging system capable of all general purpose radiographic procedures.

A Del Medical OTC12 Overhead Tube Crane System offers the utmost in technologist efficiency and patient comfort. Start with the exceptionally easy to position, simple to use, ceiling mounted tube support that is available in both manual and automatic cassette size-sensing models allowing for the most flexible configuration choices available. The OTC12 can be configured with 300,000, 400,000 or 600,000 HU x-ray tubes and either manual or automatic collimators.


Key benefits of the Del Medical OTC12 include:

  • Touch screen display for SID and angulation
  • Telescoping arm allows for small focus-to-ceiling distance
  • Ergonomic design with easy movements for fast, accurate positioning
  • Electromagnetic brake for telescopic lift and transverse track
  • Integrated lock function
  • Available with manual or automatic collimator with vertical tracking capability
Del Medical OTC12
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