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UMG / DEL MEDICAL is dedicated to providing UltraRAD PACS to Hospital, Orthopedic, Medical, Chiropractic and Veterinary practices.

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UltraARCHIVE provides the ultimate archiving solution designed to manage the storage of DICOM information for any hospital and imaging center regardless of size.

UltraARCHIVE delivers exceptional speed, quality, security, simplicity, flexibility, redundancy, and scalability. Start small, and easily expand as your practice grows!


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraARCHIVE+ include:

  • JPEG2000 compression
  • Image coding system using state-of-the-art compression techniques
  • DICOM Query Spanning and Move Forwarding Module
  • Virtual Archive Repository Module
  • Ability to better manage shared or segregated storage resources
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The UltraBROKER is a interface engine for collecting HL7 information from a variety of information systems and processing the information into a local database. The system then listens for queries from the PACS and DICOM modalities and services the requests. The service provides a DICOM Modality Worklist to the modalities which enables the technologist to correctly match the correct demographics to an exam.


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraBROKERLite include:

  • Ability to receive and process inbound message streams
  • Monitor inbound messages to process and import
  • Database driven configuration and rules allows for easy backup and configuration
  • Daily storage of HL7 messages in a hierarchical directory structure
  • Supports industry standard and manufacturers' proprietary protocols
UltraRAD UltraBROKERLite
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UltraBURN allows users to burn and print DICOM media from anywhere on the network. Easy to use web interface allows the user to customize, configure and control the UltraBURN system. DICOM Media can be dispensed from the front of the unit or stacked inside the locked front door for security. You can even load blank CDs in one input bin and DVDs or Blu-ray discs in the other and remotely select which type of media to burn - a unique feature not found on other brands.


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraBURN include:

  • Automated CD-DVD Generation
  • Web Interface for ease of use
  • Simple Shelf Managed Archiving
  • Print custom labels directly on media
  • DICOM Part 10 compliant
UltraRAD UltraBURN
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UltraBURN allows users to retrieve and burn DICOM media from anywhere on the network. Easy to use interface allows the user to customize, configure and burn studies on any Windows system. System includes a free windows viewer to include on the discs.

Third Generation software provides proven interoperability with disparate DICOM devices. UltraRAD's end-to-end architecture includes all of the components you need for the most integrated and reliable systems possible: advanced hardware and software, matched supplies and perhaps most important, local on-site installation, training and service by factory-certified technicians.


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraBURNLite include:

  • Allows CD and/or DVD Generation of DICOM Studies
  • Ability to Query and Retrieve from DICOM Archives
  • DICOM Part 10 compliant Media Generation
  • Affordable solution with a Simple and Reliable interface
  • Easy installation, Configuration, and Usage
UltraRAD UltraBURNLite
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UltraGATEWAY is a highly configurable router which distributes images and information across point-to-point connections within the facility as well as any remote location for diagnostic or consultation purposes. The flexible software is used widely in the market today with key features every organization needs for clean, efficient and effective workflow.


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraGATEWAY include:

  • Expand and enhance the capabilities of your imaging devices
  • Ability to Query and Retrieve from DICOM Archives
  • Security and Peace of Mind
  • Logical, Robust & Immediate Transmission
  • Built to compress acquired data
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UltraVISION provides a unique and powerful application for viewing images and results from any facility. The client-less web interface makes it ideal for any imaging environment. For advanced visualization functions there is a multi-platform Adobe Flash viewer as well, with automatic client side detection.


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraVISION include:

  • Window/Level Presets per modality
  • Zoom function
  • Simple magnify function
  • Stack or Tile mode button
  • Cine ability (Variable Speed Control)
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UltraWEB enables your medical professionals to share images easily and transfer lossless quality over the Internet or network. There is no faster way to allow your organization to view images. UltraWEB is the RIGHT choice!

- Web based report and imaging
- Easy to use administration tools
- Security and privacy features to facilitate hospital HIPAA compliance
- Automated workflow tools for increased productivity
- Scalable design for small, medium or enterprise sized hospitals
- Integration with DICOM archives and HIS/RIS for ease of implementation
- Optimized Workflow
- Image Manipulation and Viewing Tools


Key benefits of the UltraRAD UltraWEB include:

  • UltraWEB allows Image access in seconds
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Functionality
  • Cost Effective
  • Security authenticates users and logs activities
UltraRAD UltraWEB
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