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The Vidar ProAdvantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market. In addition to typical PACS applications, the Vidar ProAdvantage offers flexibility. It can be used in facilities that now or in the future will support digitization of mammography priors. If you have a file room supporting PACS and low volume mammography applications, the 44-micron spot size and 4.0 OD Vidar ProAdvantage will be key in the digital transition.


Key benefits of the Vidar ProAdvantage include:

  • Clinically proven image quality and consistency
  • Exceptional consistency and proven reliability
  • Ideal for Dual use – general radiography or mammography
  • Improves productivity and workflow of entire department
  • World class reliability, service and support
Vidar ProAdvantage
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The award winning Vidar Sierra Advantage film digitizer allows for an affordable solution for teleradiology and low volume digitizing. It overcomes some of the most common barriers to digitizer use - quality, cost, and size. It is the first film digitizer small enough to be easily wall mounted, solving sitting problems commonly found at hospitals and radiology offices.


Key benefits of the Vidar Sierra Advantage include:

  • Easy USB connectivity
  • Increases report turn around time
  • LED lighting system
  • Reduced courier costs
  • Single or 10 sheet film feeder
Vidar Sierra Advantage
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If you need to access prior studies, access studies from outside facilities, connect a remote site, or make digital copies of films for the patient to take to another facility, Vidar's Clinical Express for general radiography and mammography is the solution for you. The Vidar Clinical Express is designed for ease of operation and was developed specifically for use with the world's leading line of film digitizers by Vidar.


Key benefits of the Vidar Clinical Express include:

  • Automatic CT/MR segmenting
  • Easy and error free patient demographic entry with Modality Work List
  • Easy connection to user selectable remote locations
  • Import and export patient CDs
  • Use for general radiography and mammography
Vidar Clinical Express
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