COVID-19 Resources 

We are proud to play our part as an essential medical device manufacturer of imaging equipment critical to diagnosis and care for COVID-19 patients

UMG/DEL MEDICAL is primarily engaged in the design and manufacturing of high-performance medical      X-ray imaging systems. Our product and service portfolio consists of Digital Radiographic systems tailored to the specific needs of Hospitals and Health Clinics world-wide.  We proudly produce our products in the USA with a commitment to enhancing workflow and safety, utilizing the latest in technology, and adhering to strict security standards.

Keeping Equipment Clean

Keeping medical equipment clean is essential to its longevity. It also minimizes the potential spread of infectious disease. Now more than ever, as we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic together, it is imperative to make sure your x-ray equipment is properly cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations.

This guide is in addition to DEL MEDICAL Service Bulletin #1071 which is also available to registered users of our Technical Support website.

Chest Imaging for COVID-19

As many of our partners have observed, COVID-19 has driven higher demand for chest imaging. Experts are supporting the use of chest imaging for patients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 both for initial screening as well as monitoring disease progression. The increased demand leads to the opportunity for you to provide critical equipment for your customers.

Chest imaging has expanded in several ways in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment:

  • Many hospitals seek to triage patients outside, in an attempt to separate COVID-19 patients from others. With RT-PCR testing still often taking two days for results, some facilities have found that a chest X-ray (CXR) has utility. While it has low sensitivity, many positive cases of COVID-19 can be found based on the visualization of ground-glass opacities or consolidation.

  • Although mobile x-ray is useful for such sites, given the shortage of mobiles, floor-mounted systems that are easily powered and installed offer an alternative solution. DEL MEDICAL has available both stored energy and single-phase generators that require minimal input power. In addition, tube, wall and straight arm stands can be plate mounted for easy installation.

  • Mobiles are essential for ICU use to validate tube placement in ventilator patients and follow disease progression. Like other mobile devise providers, DEL MEDICAL has seen demand surge, and we are filling orders as quickly as possible. Many hospitals are also retrofitting existing analog mobiles with mobile, tablet-based DR systems such as the DELWORKS FIT.

  • While CT has emerged as a strong diagnostic tool for COVID-19, use is limited in triage and for ICU patients. CXR can fill some of these voids. ACR has suggested mobile use, and the Fleischner Society has published detailed recommendations for the situation leading to CXR.

Mobile Imaging

Mobile imaging system with built in DR Workstation


An intuitive and powerful DR retrofit system featuring lightweight detectors

Chest Imaging

Premium overhead tube crane 

system with vertical tracking


Premium overhead tube crane system with LCD touchscreen


Premium floor mounted system with vertical tracking 

Premium floor mounted system

with LCD touchscreen

Reliable floor mounted system

with economical components



Economical system designed for small environments


Compact universal x-ray system with tilting image receptor




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