Low profile floor mounted system
with an analog angulation display
Budget Friendly Clinical Solution

The FMT System offers an economical, compact design ideal for hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and orthopedic facilities looking to maximize space and avoid costly room modifications. A secure 10 ft floor mounted rail allows for effortless longitudinal travel and quick positioning. The tube stand itself only requires a ceiling height of 87 inches, making it one of the lowest ceiling height requirements in the industry. 

Simple and Precise Imaging 

The FMT tube stand is easy to use and features an analog angulation display, conveniently positioned finger-tip control buttons, and powerful magnetic locks to ensure steady, accurate tube head positioning. In addition, it only requires a ceiling height of 87 inches, making it one of the lowest ceiling height requirements in the industry. 

Four-Way Float Top Table

The RT100 table features a 700 lbs. patient weight capacity and a stain resistant floating table top which glides freely on a precision roller bearing system. Float top movements are safely controlled by heavy-duty electric locks, activated by a conveniently placed foot treadle release. The 17” x 17” standard bucky tray can accommodate any cassette sized detector with ease. Its all steel structure and welded base provides maximum strength and reliability.

In addition, the RT100’s pedestal base can be used to store generator electronics making it a great space saver. 

Ergonomic Wall Stand

The ultra compact VS100 upright is powered by an electric lock release handle and dual counterweight cables for added patient and user safety. Its expansive vertical travel of 58” (148 cm) enables a complete range of exams from skull to weight bearing knee and ankle exams. 

Optional Rotating Tray

The easy-to-use rotating tray enables manual rotation of the DR detector inside the RT100 table. Stable one-handed operation supports fast portrait-to landscape positioning without ever removing the detector from the tray. Fully extended steel slides activate locking mechanisms to assure detector protection when loading and unloading. Designed to accommodate a wide array of ISO 14 x 17” cassette-sized detectors.


Technical Specifications

FMT Tube Stand

Base Assembly to Rear Wall:

Tube Rotation:

Column Rotation:

Weight (excluding x-ray tube, collimator, and counterweights):

Rail longitudinal length:

Transverse travel:

Tube, collimator, and cable support capacity:

Longitudinal travel:

Floor-to-focal spot

(standard mount):

Column height:

Minimum ceiling height:

Vertical travel:

Minimum 87" (221 cm)

85.5" (217 cm)

64.5" (164 cm) total

Minimum 10" (25.4 cm),

Maximum 74.5" (190 cm)

96" (244 cm)

120" (305 cm)

11" (28 cm)

88 lbs. (40 kg)

125 lbs. (57 kg) net

180° where installation permits

±180° detents for lateral decubitus projections

8" (20.5 cm)

120 / 230 - 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz

Power Requirements:

RT100 Radiographic Table

700 lbs. (317 kg)

43" (109 cm)

29" (74 cm)

Longitudinal, 51.50" (131 cm) Transverse, 9.5" (24 cm)

3.2" (8 cm)

Longitudinal, 11.25" (28 cm)

86.66" (220 cm)

32" (81 cm)

387 lbs. (176 kg)

120/230-240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz (Max current 0.75 Amps)

- 78" (198 cm) tabletop length

- 32" (81 cm) tabletop width

- Lateral cassette holder

- Table-side patient handgrips

- Rotating cassette tray

- Compression band

Patient load capacity:

Table base length:

Table base width:

Tabletop movement:

Tabletop-to-film distance:

Total bucky travel:

Tabletop length:

Tabletop width:


Power requirements:


VS100 Wall Stand

85.1" (216.1 cm)

72.4" (183.9 cm)

14" (35.6 cm)

58.4" (148.3 cm)

10.85" (27.6 cm)

0.4 mm

280 lbs (127 kg)

24 V DC at 0.5 Amps

Column Height:

Receptor center height min

Receptor center height max:

Wall to receptor distance:

Receptor Travel:


Front panel aluminum equivalency:

Power requirements:





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