Economical and compact floor
mounted tube stand  
Budget-friendly, Low Ceiling Solution

The FMT tube stand features a digital angulation dial, conveniently positioned finger-tip control buttons, and powerful magnetic locks to ensure steady, accurate tube head positioning. A secure 10 ft floor plate allows for effortless longitudinal travel and quick positioning. With unlimited locking positions along a 180° rotational axis, it can easily perform difficult examinations such as cross-table lateral views. The FMT tube stand only requires a ceiling height of 
87" (221 cm), making it one of the lowest ceiling height requirements in the industry. 


Technical Specifications

FMT Tube Stand

Minimum 87" (221 cm)

85.5" (217 cm)

64.5" (164 cm) total

Minimum 11" (28 cm), Maximum 75.5" (192 cm)

94" (239 cm)

120" (305 cm)

11" (28 cm)

88 lbs. (40 kg)

460 lbs. (209 kg)

125 lbs. (57 kg) net

180° where installation permits

±180° detents for lateral decubitus projections

8" (20.5 cm)

Floor plate length:

Transverse travel:

Cable support capacity:

Tube stand weight:

Platform assembly weight:

Column rotation:

Tube rotation:

Base assembly to rear wall:

Longitudinal travel:

Ceiling height:

Column height:

Vertical travel:

Floor to focal spot (with standard platform mount):



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