Fully motorized U-arm system with
intelligent pre-programmed positioning
Motorized Automation

The UARM is a fully motorized radiographic system designed to automate the imaging process with pre-programmed positioning and full generator integration that can be conveniently controlled from its technologist-friendly

touchscreen console.

Perfect Alignment, Everytime

Featuring a linear U-arm, the system tube and image receptor are always perfectly aligned regardless of U-arm arm position.

This is especially useful when performing auto-stitch applications focusing on the legs and back.

Pre-Programmed Positioning

The UARM can store up to 25 pre-programmed positions allowing for fast setup of the most frequently used applications. These positions can be easily selected from the tube mounted touchscreen.

Versatile Examinations

Developed to efficiently perform a wide variety of

exams and procedures, its automated swivel arm

and rotating image receptor can accommodate a diverse range of positions for patients of all sizes.  Whether sitting, standing or lying down, the UARM  provides extensive vertical and SID travel perfect for comprehensive head-to-toe imaging.

Optional Mobile Table

The UARM alone can perform a wide range of

exams, but when combined with the MT500

mobile table, technologists have access to

cross-table lateral and recumbent positioning.

The table is light weight and easy to maneuver

making it ideal for quick positioning.

Convenient User Controls

The UARM features flexible system controls located on the tube head, side of image receptor, and optional remote controller. This functionality eliminates the need to walk to a singular control location and enables hassle-free operation and increased workflow.


Safe and Stress-free

Electromagnetic brakes and intelligently placed

anti-collision sensors reinforce user confidence and provide exceptional safety for patients and staff.


Technical Specifications


Column height:

91" (231 cm)

Minimum focal-spot-to floor distance (in the 90º position):

15.3" (40 cm)

Maximum focal-spot-to floor distance (in the 90º position):

66.5" (169 cm)

Minimum receptor-surface-to floor distance (in the 0º position):

22" (56 cm)

Maximum receptor-surface-to floor distance (in the 0º position):

41.34" (105 cm)

Vertical movement speed:

40 mm/s to 150 mm/s

Arm rotation:


Rotation speed 3°— 10°/s:

2°/s — 10°/s

Motorized SID travel:

39.4” (100 cm) to 70.87” (180 cm)

Motorized SID travel speed:

0.4 in/s to 5.1 in/s

Receptor rotation angulation:


Receptor rotation speed:

1°/s to 3°/s

Arm weight:

719 lbs. (326 kg)

Power Requirements:


MT500 Mobile Table

80 in. (203.2 cm)

26 in. (66.1 cm)

27.9 in. (70.9 cm)

164 lbs. (74 kg)

201 lbs. (91.2 kg)

- Grid cabinet with tray

- Table side patient handgrips

- Lateral cassette holder

- Compression band

Table top length:

Table top width:

Table top height:

Weight without cabinet:

Weight with cabinet:






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