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The Universal Veterinary System is equipped with an integrated tube stand with variable SID and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing an all-in-one imaging solution. Our veterinary systems are perfect for the veterinarian who seeks affordability and maximum capability, especially in smaller imaging environments.

Expandable Movement

The Universal Veterinary System features an angulating tube arm, 2-way or 4-way float top table and can be configured with a fixed or variable SID tube stand. The variable option allows for a greater range of motion that provides technologists with enhanced patient positioning.

Practical Features

The system features several modifications that provide ease-of-use and convenience. The perimeter of the table top has a urine trap to permit easy cleanup. Caring for animals can be stressful and require uninterrupted attention. With this in mind, our veterinary tables are equipped with easy to reach operator foot switch/treadles on all sides to allow veterinarians the ability to focus on the animal, while also operating table movements.

See Every Detail

The Vieworks VXView image acquisition software produces images with exceptional clarity and resolution, perfect for even the smallest animal anatomy.


Technical Specifications

Universal Veterinary System

Load capacity:

400 lbs. (181 kg)

Table top length (stationary/ 2-way float):

56" (142 cm

Table top width (stationary/ 2-way float):

28" (71 cm)

Table top length (4-way float):

68.5" (174 cm)

Table top width (4-way float):

31.5" (79 cm)

Table top height:

34.5" (87.6 cm)

Tube stand height:

77" (196 cm)

System depth:

38.5" (98 cm)



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